Car Racing is a Thinking Man’s Sport

If you can’t pass somebody without putting them in danger,  you don’t belong on the track.

(Don Martine, August 7, 2019)

Owner, Don Martine, sitting in a red Derby-style race car parked alongside the Pacific ocean

In an interview recorded earlier this month by “The Weekly Driver’s” hosts, Bruce Aldrich and James Raia, we learn about Don’s beginnings as a mechnic and his love of car racing, which jumpstarted when he attended the very first Pebble Beach Road Race in 1950.

On the podcast: “The Weekly Driver #97, Don Martine, Pacific Grove inn owner and MG museum curator,” we also learn about some suprising connections between the Martine Inn and cars, and the property’s original owner-builders, the Parke-Davis family.

Please give this informative and rich conversation a listen, and let us know what you think in the comments below.



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