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Ismael Vizcaya Diaz

Ismael Vizcaya Diaz, Chef

Ismael Vizcaya Diaz, Chef, was born and raised in Mexicali, in Baja California. He attended the University of Baja California for only one semester before he got married and moved to California in 1978.

Ismael currently volunteers at different schools and urban community centers sharing his talent and enthusiasm for the game of chess. He recently earned a Black Belt in Taekwondo and helps students throughout the state master self defense.

After living in Lake Tahoe for several years and working at Harvey's as a prep chef, Ismael went back to Mexico for one year before settling in Salinas in 1987. He has worked at Martine Inn for 22 years, preparing our gourmet breakfasts, hors d'oeuvres and spectacular dishes for weddings and special events.