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Spa Services at a Monterey, CA Bed and Breakfast

Enjoy Pacific Grove spa treatments and massages at the Martine Inn.

Relax and enjoy a large variety of spa treatments and massages brought into the peace and privacy of your own room at our Monterey, CA bed and breakfast.  Couples may request simultaneous appointments with two therapists, or more economically, split your session with one therapist.  Deep tissue and sports massage are also available.  Feel confident with the skills and the experience of the practitioners taking care of you at the Martine Inn.  All of our therapists are licensed, registered and insured, and many of them have been treating our guests since we opened over 25 years ago. Our Pacific Grove hotel guests have stated that they experienced the “best massage of their life” right here at the Martine Inn.  If you are interested in aroma therapy, wraps or facial massages, they are available too. Ask if your room can accommodate our massage team.