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Martine Inn

JuliaPfeiffer Burns State Park- www.reserveamerica.com
This beautiful state park offers an 80-foot waterfall, rocky cliffs, sandy beaches. With its wildflowers and majestic redwoods there is something for everyone. The park also offers day camping, hiking and diving for experienced divers.

Monarch Grove - www.pgmuseum.org
Monarch Grove Sanctuary is 2.4-acre patch filled with Monterey pines, cypress and eucalyptus trees where thousands of beautiful monarch butterflies nest during the winter months. Visitors can walk the trail while viewing the canopy of butterflies overhead or just sit and enjoy the serenity of the sanctuary while learning about the monarch's migration.                                                                                                  

Monterey Bay Aquarium - www.montereybayaquarium.org
A non-profit organization intent on preserving the Oceans, the Monterey Bay Aquarium holds unique and fascinating exhibits ranging from penguins to sea otters.                                                  

Pacific GroveNatural History Museum - www.pgmuseum.org
Your living, personal field guide to the California Central Coast. Explore the birds, wildlife, plants, geology and cultural richness of the region.                                                                               

PinnaclesNational Monument - www.nps.gov
Located between Monterey and San Benito County this national park has countless things to see. Visitors to the park can view the breathtaking landscapes and wild flowers, hike the many trails or explore the caves. The park is home to 149 different species of birds, 49 species of mammals, 23 reptile species and countless species of insects. It also offers day and over night camping and an information center. For those looking to relax and picnic in the sun there is a pool surrounded by the natural beauty of the park.                                                                                  

PointLobos StateReserve - www.pt-lobos.parks.state.ca.us
With its rocky cliffs and sweeping vistas, The Point Lobos State Reserve spreads 550 acres on land and 750 acres underwater. It is home to more than 250 animal and bird species, and more than 300 plant species. Visitors to this majestic state park may tour the Wailers Cabin Museum, picnic, hike, scuba dive, or learn about the rich history behind point lobos.

Point Pinos Tidepools - www.parks.ca.gov
PointPinos is also known as the Great Tide Pool, as it is one of the richest tidepool habitats in the world. Even at higher tides some of the tidepools remain exposed.