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Motor Vehicles

Martine Inn

Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca - www.laguna-seca.com
Watch world class racing, take driving lessons, or even race your own car on the track.

MartineInn Motorsports - www.martineinnmotorsports.com
Martine Motorsports is an auto division of the Martine Inn. It includes vintage racing at all of the major tracks across the USA. It also includes rally runs for autos built prior to 1950. Finally Martine Motorsports regularly shows their special cars at Concours d’ Elegance around the country.

MontereyBayKarters - www.montereybaykarters.com
It is a non-profit community organization formed to promote and conduct kart racing in the area. They are affiliated with the International Kart Federation and adheres to all their policies, rules, and technical requirements. Monterey Bay Karters sponsors a full season of kart racing at their track location at the Marina Airport in Marina, California.