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Jan 10, 2012

Truly Getting Away…

 Martine Inn’s goal is to create an atmosphere totally different from your daily routine to encourage and support your personal rejuvenation. You will be welcomed at the front door by a caring innkeeper, given a tour of the Inn and personally escorted to your room. As you move along the hallways, you’ll notice the furnishings and fixtures in every part of the house are 100-200 years old, yet maintained in working order for your use.  Our breakfast service is Victorian style with the presentation of warm spoons from an 1880’s silver spoon warmer to stir your morning cup of coffee or English tea. Our location is within easy walking distance of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row, Fisherman’s Wharf and downtown Pacific Grove. Once you get here, there is no need to drive at all. Leave your car on our parking lawn, under the trellis. Fabulous walks take you along the seashore with unbroken access to the water for miles.  Walk along the sand dunes of Asilomar State Beach on a wooden path that leaves the dunes and vegetation undisturbed and no sand in your shoes and socks.  These are easy walks with elevation changes of less than 25 feet.  One our favorite things to do is to stroll along the edge of Monterey Bay in the early evening and watch the moon rise over the Gabilan Mountains and shimmer across the Monterey Bay.  Watching the spectacular sight, we are so thankful for the day we’ve had and look forward to the approaching dawn, right here at the Martine Inn.

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