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Number of Beds 1 Maximum Guests 2
Handicap access
Ground level/fireplace/1870 matching marble-top pieces /KINGBED set/clawfoot tub-shower

Welcome to the Carriage room which has wider doorways with lever handles and brass assist railings in the commode area. This room housed the Parkes dual cowl 1936 Packard Phaeton. On the outside you can still see the garage doors. The Carriage room will create fond memories of sitting in front of a high mantle fireplace with sounds of a crackling wood fire, and sitting in the nicely carved wood rocking chair. Handicap parking is available on 4th Street and there is Courtyard access from 4th Street to Carriage Room and a ramp in the courtyard to accommodate access into the Main Building, where we have the Conference Room, Library, Coffee Bar and the Dining Parlor.

Most apparent in this room is; 1870 Walnut American renaissance revival, King bed, carved crown, ebonized, walnut carvings applied; 1870 Walnut American renaissance revival, ebonized, marble top, drop center, dresser, walnut burl applied, 8 drawers, column corners, mirror with carved crown; 1880 Pair walnut, black marble topped, nightstands, 1 drawer, 1 door; 1870 Pair painted glass oil lamps on brass base, glass shade.

Other intriguing furnishings include: 1880 Set 3 vases, painted; 1870 Eastlake walnut carved crown, 2-column mantle clock; 1900 Porcelain yellow rose, large; 1880 Walnut rocker with arms, turned uprights; 1860 Walnut finger mold upholstered balloon back chair, carved bust on crest; 1840 Walnut, marble top, empire side table, crowned marble back with marble candle shelf; 1910 Brass floor lamp, fringed shade; 1880 Brass wood box, reverse painted mirror front; 1880 Wicker leather top footstool; 1880 Walnut American rectangular marble top table, 4 legs, turned center post.

As you enter the spacious bathroom, you will find; 1860 Walnut American renaissance revival washstand, acorn wood handles, burled walnut applied; 1830 Empire rosewood shaving stand, mirror.

Your stay at the Martine Inn in the Carriage Room will create fond memories of sitting in front of that high mantle fireplace, listening to the fire crackling, and rocking back and forth in the exquisite rocking chair.