Wedding Locations at the Martine Inn

The Martine Inn provides several sites for an inside or outside event for your Wedding Day. Whether you desire an outside event set next to the beautiful waters of the Monterey Bay or choosing a lovely courtyard or in-house venue for a memorable experience, the Martine Inn in Pacific Grove, CA has something to offer its special guests on their Special Day!!

The Courtyard

Bride and groom flanked by maid of honor, groomsman, ring bearers and flower girls next to a white arched trellis

The Courtyard is a spacious landscaped area with a Komodo-Dragon koi-pond set below a high wall canopy of ivy opening from the ground-level hallway flanked by huge bougainvillea trees. Climbing roses that reach 10 feet high adorn two sides of the courtyard, and hanging pots of flowers, plants and large potted orchids are displayed throughout the area.

From the second-level floor, the Bride is able descend the baluster stairway, entering the courtyard through matching beveled glass French panel doors into the protected area for the ceremony. With walls and floral landscaping on all sides, this space is quite intimate and the wind mellowed in the contained area.

Tables and chairs can be arranged in the desired fashion to accommodate a wedding dinner, reception, gathering or dancing. Music is frequently a wonderful addition to the festivities in the courtyard by adding a string quartet, soloist, small band or a disc jockey.

The Game Room, which has windows that open into the courtyard for a bar space, is frequently used as a food or beverage service area for celebrations.

Outdoor heaters can be added for additional comfort. Utilities are available.

The Peristyle

Courtyard surrounded by light pink and turquoise buildings, patio umbrella with chairs and potted plants

This courtyard area is surrounded by the Gabled House building, the Carriage House building and the Cottage Room building and an eight-foot wall. Dwarf citrus trees in pots decorate the patio along with antique rose gardens that even contain a 100-year-old rose bush and several varieties of flowering shrubs and plants. The area is nicely appointed for receptions as it opens into display areas including showing the Vintage MG collection. The Peristyle also has utility outlets. It can be divided into three areas or one large inclusive area and will accommodate buffet-table stations.

The Dining Parlor

Parlor with wall of windows overlooking Monterey Bay, and several lace topped dining tables set for a meal

The Dining Parlor has large bay windows overlooking the waves crashing against the rocky shoreline of our Pacific Grove hotel. The Dining Parlor features lace-covered tables with linen of different colors available. The dining service is Victorian-style including many elegant touches available, such as spoon warmers, antique silverware, fine china, crystal and candelabras. This expansive room can seat up to 56 for a smaller wedding group.

The Library

Library with yellow floral papered walls, wood floors, area rug, grand piano, and various upholstered chairs, chaise lounges, and settees

The Library is decorated with floral Victorian wall coverings, borders, draperies and oak bookshelves. The floor is oak with mahogany inlay and makes a unique dance floor. It has a wood-burning fireplace with burnished gold colored tile and a mahogany columned mantle. It contains a Baby Grand Player Piano, and the area can be sectioned off with glass-paneled mahogany sliding doors. Draperies on the doors can create a very private space if desired. All utilities are available, including DSL. Lovely colored balloons can float against the ceiling to make it even more festive.

The Conference Room - Salon

Salon with table for four, side chairs, and table topped with platters of red wine, chocolate, and cheese and crackers

Martine Inn hosts a numerous variety of weddings throughout the year. The Salon is decorated with Victorian wall coverings, borders, and draperies. Windows face out to the Courtyard through solid glass panes and adjoin the library through glass-paneled doors. It is carpeted and frequently has displays of auto prints, watercolors, oils and other artwork by talented artists. The Salon is roomy and has entrances on three walls. Tables and chairs can be arranged for weddings, dinners, gatherings or receptions. Upholstered armchairs with rollers are available. Lovely hanging Victorian light fixtures with dimmers create the light tone desired. The Salon is perfect for small-medium sized weddings, dinners, receptions and teas. Contact our Pacific Grove hotel today for additional questions.

Berwick Park

Wedding set up under trees overlooking the ocean, white aisle runner leading to arched trellis flanked by rows of white chairs

Berwick Park is an expansive Pacific Grove park lined with Cypress trees and large areas of lawn. It is a few minutes walking distance from the Martine Inn. The park can accommodate numerous guests. The Martine Inn staff can line up seating chairs and provide an archway for the guests’ floral decorations. The rise on the lawn is mild and can accommodate chairs, etc. The Park is situated above the Monterey Bay providing scenic views of rolling ocean waves greeting the rocky shoreline.

Since this is an off-site location, the use of Pacific Grove city parks may require additional fees and a Special Permit, which the Martine Inn staff can assist with obtaining. For city site information, call the Recreation Department of Pacific Grove at 831-648-5730.The Special Permit is given to the Martine Inn to assist with the Wedding Site Set Up and the Total Venue.

Lovers Point Park

View of the Bay surrounded by the shore with flowers, trees and rocks amidst blue skies

One of the exceptional wedding venues in Pacific Grove is Lovers Point Park. This is a famous city park on a scenic land point that is located about half a mile to the west of the Martine Inn. This finger of land extends North and is surrounded by Pacific Ocean on its sides. With spacious areas of mostly flat lawn it can accommodate a large seating of chairs, tables, etc. Several Monterey Cypress trees line its grassy area, and there is a restroom building on the top lawn level, a beach and cove below to the right side and rocky shoreline surrounding the point.  Many visitors and local frequent this lovely park.

This is also an off-site location, and the use of the Pacific Grove city parks may require additional fees and a Special Permit, which the Martine Inn staff can assist with obtaining. For city site information, call the Recreation Department of Pacific Grove at 831-648-5730. The Special Permit is given to the Martine Inn to assist with the Wedding Site Set Up and the Total Venue.