Classic MGs

Car enthusiasts regularly enjoy visiting the Martine Inn, one of the finest hotels on the Monterey Bay! As a small boy, your host Don Martine was very intrigued by cars. There is a photograph of Don at age three holding a grease gun and attempting to lubricate his pedal car in the display area at the Martine Inn.

Don’s interest in MGs began in 1950 when his father, Homer Martine, purchased a 1949 MGTC. This interest further culminated as he witnessed Johnny Von Neumann drive his 1950 MGTD Special to victory at the inaugural Pebble Beach Road Races. Don later raced and owned the Von Neuman Special for 30 years as part of his MG collection.

There is also an interview in the Von Neuman Special at the bottom of this page.

The MG garages and display areas at the Martine Inn contain watercolors by Sandra Leitzinger, oil paintings by Peter Hearsey, auto posters, prints, memorabilia, photos, tools, signs, gas pumps, historic helmets and a checkered flag complemented with black and white-tiled flooring. Don has a restoration shop near the Martine Inn where he refurbishes and restores vintage MGs and also builds the race car engines.

Note: If the doors to this display room are closed, please ask the staff to open them so that you may see the cars up close.

For additional photos and stories: Visit Don’s Martine Inn Motorsports website.

Cars Currently Owned by Don Martine and Possibly On Display at the Martine Inn

  • 1933 MG L2 Roadster: 1087 cc, six-cylinder, overhead cam, four-speed transmission. 1 of 9 prepared for the 1935 Brooklands Race. 1 of 85 made.
  • 1948 MG TC: Supercharged, four-cylinder push rod, 1500 cc, four-speed transmission, Dunlop 16-inch racing wheels, Alfin drum brakes. 1 of 10,000 made.
  • 1947 MG TC Special DOHC Race Car, four-cylinder, twin cam engine built by Ken Miles on factory 1500 cc racing block; 16 in Borrani wire wheels, four speed transmission, Alfin drums
  • 1949 MG Y Sedan: Four-cylinder, pushrod, 1250 cc, four-speed trans, hydraulic brakes, factory sunroof, wind-out windshield, roll up rear window shade, built-in jacks.1 of 6,000 made.
  • 1949 MG TC Roadster: Four-cylinder, pushrod, 1250 cc, four-speed transmission, absolutely original.1 of 10,000 made.
  • 1951 Deidt Bell Special:
  • 1951 Daimler Empress Sports Sedan: body by Hooper, 2500 litre, pushrod, six-cylinder, Wilson pre-selector transmission. 1 of 90 made.
  • 1952 MGTD V8 60: Stock TD body, 1935 Ford Wire Wheels,1941 Ford Brakes, 1938 V8 60 engine, full race Edelbrock heads and intake, 1938 Ford 3 speed transmission, 1937 Ford steering and front end,1950 Halibrand Quick Change differential, 1941 Ford pickup rear end
  • 1953 MG TD, MK II, Roadster: Four-cylinder pushrod, 1250 cc, larger carbs, larger valves, two fuel pumps, eight shocks, higher compression factory competition TD.1 of 1,700 made.
  • 1955 MG TF 1500 Convertible Pickup: Four-cylinder pushrod, 1500cc, chassis stretched 1 ft., pickup box added, made by Jack Anderson to house his wheelchair. 1 only made.
  • 1960 MG A Roadster: 1622 cc, four-cylinder, pushrod, four-speed transmission, disc brakes, 100 mph car. 1 of 31,501 made.
  • 1963 MG 1300 Sedan: 1275 cc, pushrod, four-cylinder, transverse engine, front wheel drive, factory race car. Raced at Oxford Motors in Sacramento to compete against Mini-Coopers. 1 only made.
  • 1967 MG B Roadster: 1789 cc, four-cylinder, pushrod, four-speed transmission, plus overdrive. 1 of 15,128 made.
  • 1967 MG B GT: 1789cc, four-cylinder, pushrod, 4 speed transmission.

Don gave an interview for Motor Trends for the Laguna Seca Historic Races in 2016. You can view it on YouTube here: Don’s trackside interview with Justin Bell at Laguna Seca

Cars that Have Been Restored, Raced or Displayed by Don Martine that Are Now Sold

  • 1929 18-80 MG MK11 Speed Model: 25cc Overhead Cam, 6 Cylinder, Four Seat Tourer. 1 of 6 Made.
  • 1932 MG D: Four-seater, 850 cc, four-cylinder, overhead cam, three-speed transmission. 1 of 208 made. This car has been restored and pictures of the restoration are available at Martine Inn Motorsports.
  • 1950 MG TD Von Neumann Special Roadster: Four-cylinder, pushrod, 1.5 litre, TC trans, Alfin drum brakes, Borranni wire wheels, aluminum body by Emil Deidt,7 of 14 races- most winning west coast racer in 1950-51. It won 25 0f 140 races. Don owned from 1988-2017. One only made.
  • 1962 MGA: 2nd Place SCLA Showroom Stock Winner.1622cc, four-cylinder, pushrod, 4 speed close ratio transmission, high speed rear end.
  • 1962 Jaguar XK Coupe Series
  • 1962 Jaguar XK Roadster
  • Triumph TR 2
  • Triumph TR 3
  • Triumph TR 3B