Deidt-Bell Special Restoration

Since January 2017, Don Martine and Scott Frus have been restoring the Von Nueman MG Team Racecar that was discovered in 2016 after 30 years in a garage! The race car is named the Deidt-Bell Special. From completely disassembling and stripping down to its  frame, the Deidt-Bell has been cleaned, straightened, parts repaired, repainted, parts rebuilt, body aligned and reassembled to start road testing!

With the exception of the “outer shell”, the Deidt-Bell Special has been renovated for track life. Don decided to keep the “found outer shell condition” on the vehicle to show the original body condition of the Deidt-Bell as a barn-find, as it looked before the inner restoration began in 2017. Don’s main focus at this time is improving the Deidt-Bell’s race time and performance. Stay tuned for more updates!

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