Breakfast Recipes

Here are some our guests’ favorite breakfast dishes. We have provided the recipe for you to try at home.

Simply click the photo to open a PDF for printing.

Castroville Eggs

Table set with breakfast egg dish on plates and orange juice in glasses

Ginger-Apple Crepes

Table set with breakfast crepes on white plate with fruit cup in glass dish and apple juice

Custard Baked French Toast

Table set with french toast on white plate with orange juice in glass cup

Monterey Eggs and Salsa

Table set with breakfast egg dish on white plate with muffin, orange juice, and coffee on the side

Herb-Crusted Potato Pie

Table set with breakfast potato dish on white plate with muffin and apple juice on the side

Roasted Tomato Tarts

Table set with breakfast tomato tart dish on white plate with strawberry shortcake and apple juice on the side

3 thoughts on “Breakfast Recipes

  1. I enjoy seeing the recipes. Can you send the recipe for the strawberry shortcake? We loved it when we stayed there.

    • Thank you for your interest in our breakfast muffins! You can make them with almost any fresh fruit.

      For 36 muffins our basic recipe is:

      6 C Flour
      4 C Sugar
      8 eggs
      2 C Veg oil
      1/4 C butter
      3 tsp baking powder
      1 1/2 tsp baking soda
      1 tsp salt
      2 tsp vanilla
      2 C chopped fresh fruit


      Mix wet and dry ingredients separately, then fold together. Spoon into greased muffin pan. Bake for 25 minutes at 375 degrees.


      We hope you visit us again and let us know how they came out!

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