Winter Gardens

Creating and maintaining winter gardens that produce flowers is always a challenge. We are fortunate at the Martine Inn to have a climate that is temperate throughout the year with non freezing temperature in the winter and moderate temperature throughout the remainder of the year, never getting above 80 degrees. This winter the cymbidiums are blooming earlier than usual and each of the orchid like blooms lasts about a month so they make great floral displays. Some of our camellias are beginning to bloom also with their large colorful blooms. The brilliant colors of the cyclamen and primroses add punch and interest. Our azaleas are also in bloom so the garden is full of color, variety and interest.

We have learned that most of these plants are also enjoyed greatly by the deer. We have lots of deer rooming the area at night and many times during the day. The above plantings are inside the 6 foot walls that surround the courtyards to the rear of the hotel. For the plantings in front of the Martine Inn we have African daisies and calla lilies that are blooming now and the deer do not like them.

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