Lonely Planet

In this blog post we would like to step back for a moment and let Lonely Planet magazine do the talking for us:

“…beautifully old fashioned, the sort of place you go to for a rest-cure. Billowy curtains, a 70-year-old piano player who doesn’t look a day over 40, and a family of seals right across it. Like, right across it, babies and all. What do you say about a place like this?”

The magazine went on to call us “fantastic, old-fashioned and romantic” on a later page, a declaration we are very happy to accept.

But the article also does poetic justice to our surrounding region in the best way. It finds us within the “Monterey and Carmel” section, a beautiful area which our guests find inseparable from their experience of staying at the inn itself.

Specific highlights include Pebble Beach Golf Course and Cannery Row, which is located just down the street from our fabulous location! “It’s hard to be cranky in a place like this” is their assessment, and we’re sure you’ll find it to be a true one.

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