Climate Change for your Enjoyment, Naturally

Monterey County is one of the most diverse typographical and largest climate change areas in California. For instance, the Monterey Peninsula has an average yearly rainfall of only 18-20 inches, but Big Sur’s average rainfall is over 50 inches. The total range of possible daily temperatures on the Monterey Peninsula could be 40-80 degrees, while in the southern Salinas Valley the range of possible daily temperatures goes from 6 degrees to 112 degrees. This creates vast differences in vegetation and wildlife, all in one beautiful county.

Monterey County is an ideal place to find waterfalls. There are eleven waterfalls here and the only waterfall that falls directly from land into the ocean is located in Monterey County. Here is a list of the waterfalls and some information for you to consider for your next visit to the Martine Inn.

  • Garland Ranch Falls; Garland Ranch Park; moderate hike
  • Andrew Molera Falls; Andrew Molera State Park; easy hike
  • Limekiln Falls; Limekiln State Park, 100ft; easy hike
  • Canyon Falls; Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, 30 feet; easy hike
  • McWay Falls; Jullia Pfeiffer Burns State Park; 80 feet; easy hike
  • Upper McWay Falls; difficult hike
  • Pfeiffer Falls; Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park; 60ft; moderate hike
  • Salmon Creek Falls; Jolon; easy hike
  • Black Swift Falls,Ragged Point Inn; 300 ft high; difficult hike
  • Redwood Gulch Falls; Gorda; moderate hike
  • PineFalls; Greenfield, Carmel River; difficult hike

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