Martine Inn Celebrates 27 Years

Thirty-two years ago, a large family compound was purchased. It was located on the rocky coastline of Monterey Bay in Pacific Grove, California. At that time, Julia Packard’s father was building a world-class aquarium three blocks away. Fine chefs were beginning to locate in downtown Pacific Grove. The family could no longer sustain nor rationalize the projects that were lining up just to keep the roof over their heads in this dilapidated mansion, albeit fine location. The time for a bright idea to climb out of the money pit was imminent. The vision for creating a hospitality venue, which would be the re-creation of a very wealthy family’s home from 1880 to 1920, was imagined, and the Martine Inn Bed and Breakfast was born.

Two and a half years were spent filing for permits for the million dollar restoration of replacing wiring, plumbing, and heating. Construction began on May 8, 1984, with some rooms opened for guests by August 1984 and all rooms in the next phase completed by December 1984. Each room represents a style of furnishings from a period of American history. The belief was that guests would appreciate a stay in a “living” museum, as an alternative from the plastic laminate furnishings of typical hotel rooms; and they would appreciate eating with silver, fine china and crystal on lace.

The idea worked. As the Martine Inn celebrates twenty seven years as the beacon of hospitality on the Monterey Peninsula, we invite you to come by, hang your hat for a couple of days, and experience the calming, nostalgic sense of being well cared for at an authentic house of hospitality.

Christmas at the Inns, two nights of ten local inns open for viewing, will be held on Tuesday, November 29th and Wednesday, November 30th.

Begin the holiday season, the old-fashioned way … in good cheer.

Two free tickets are available to our guests on either night.

Martine Inn participates with docent led tours of our decorated rooms on Tuesday, November 29th. More information is available by contacting the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce by calling them at 831-373-3304.

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