Deer Roaming Territory

You may have been surprised during your visit to Pacific Grove by the sight of Black Tail deer. They are part of the Mule Deer family. Why deer in a city like Pacific Grove? Pacific Grove has more open space park land than any other city per capita in California. Also, most of that park land is kept as natural pine forest, natural coastline and the wide links of the Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Course.

On the Course and at the town’s cemetery, you will find deer grazing every day of the year. The deer have developed an integrated path system along the water, down certain streets, across certain yards, with one of their favorite pit stops being the Martine Inn. Imagine the delight of looking out your window expecting to view whales, seals, dolphins, pelicans, and otters and finding a Mule Deer peering up at you. Enjoy the sight, but please don’t feed the deer. We have had to alter our planting plans as the population of the deer has increased and our front yard flowers decreased. Our Courtyard, however, is surrounded by 6 foot fences and 18 foot walls. It is there that our new Gardener, Mauro, finds his delight.

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