Bird Watching

During wine and hors d’oeuvres, one of our couples visiting from Europe expressed an interest in bird watching on the Monterey Peninsula. They had bird book in hand and were reviewing it carefully. I suggested that they walk over to the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History.

The Monterey Bay Audubon Society has put together an amazing collection of birds on display, including 291 bird species and 409 life mounted birds to assist in the identification process. Monterey County is one of the most important sites for bird life in North America. Four hundred and eighty two different species of birds have been sighted here.

One of the great areas to see a wide variety of birds is Elkhorn Slough. Spot an American Bald Eagle on a trip to Lake San Antonio where they nest in the trees along the shoreline. The California Condor may be seen at Pinnacles National Monument, where there are over thirty flying freely. Or perhaps a Great White Heron will welcome you in front of the Martine Inn, as a couple of them are known to sit atop the kelp beds. And if you’re really lucky, you can see one up-close as he snacks on the fish from the pond in our Garden Courtyard.

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