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Pacific Grove Dining

Winemaker Diner at the Martine Inn

Winemaker Dinners

A winemaker dinner at the Martine Inn is a uniquely distinctive Pacific Grove dining experience. Create your own memories at our Pacific Grove hotel. Bring your loved one, parent, boss, or colleagues to a Martine Inn Winemaker Dinner.

We start with the winemaker selecting in between five to seven of his or hers finest wines. They are sent to the Martine Inn to taste and review. Our committee samples the wines and create the food pairings. This committee includes Don Martine, the owner of the Martine Inn and a wine connoisseur of over 30 years, Anne Ross, the Director of Sales with over 20 years experience in the wine industry, and Chef Ismael Vizcaya Diaz, 20 years of cuisine experience at the Martine Inn.

After, each winemaker dinner menu is custom designed for each sample of wine. For every meal, The Martine Inn staff recreates the style and elegance of fine dining of the wealthy in the 1800’s by serving all meals utilizing 1800’s porcelain, Old Sheffield Silver tableware sets, Lancaster Rose sterling silverware and flatware introduced by Gorham in 1896. Each course is served with a clean glass to sample each wine. Tables are covered in lace and guests can take in breathtaking ocean views from the Dining room.

Every item is individually cooked and served within 30 seconds of being plated. Special care is made to create inviting and colorful presentations on each plate. An introduction of the winemaker and his winery is presented at the beginning of the meal. Guests will learn how to tell what silverware is used to eat with what plate and some of the etiquette standards of the late 1800’s will be explained.

Between courses, the winemaker provides a detailed explanation of the particular wine he has selected and the wine’s special qualities. Don Martine also gives details on each food course including how it compliments, contrasts or blends with the wine.

The result of this caring process is a seamless presentation of food and wine that is visually exciting, a delight to the palate and served in a style known only to the wealthy one hundred or more years ago. Call the Martine Inn, 800-852-5588, for more details and reservations!



Winemaker Diner at the Martine Inn Winemaker Diner at the Martine Inn Winemaker Diner at the Martine Inn