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Victorian Dinners

Martine Inn Victorian Dinners


Take in the crashing waves against the coastline from your seat while you enjoy a Victorian meal at The Martine Inn, a bed & breakfast in Monterey. The Martine Inn staff recreates the style and elegance of fine dining of the wealthy in the 1800’s by serving all meals utilizing 1800’s porcelain, Old Sheffield Silver tableware sets, Lancaster Rose sterling silverware and flatware introduced by Gorham in 1896.

With over 20 years of experience, Chef Ismael Diaz Vizcaya gourmet recipes are prepared from 1880’s “White House” cookbooks and reformulated to meet your needs. We serve Monterey County’s finest wines to compliment each pre-selected dish. It’s the Martine Inn’s goal to provide a balance of flavors in each inspirational course. 

Our Pacific Grove hotel offers Victorian meals including five course lunches with two wines and one champagne sample or 12 course dinners that duplicate the State dinners in the 1880’s. The 12 course dinners offer ten different types wines and two different champagne samples. Each luncheon and dinner is tailored to your party’s palette. Luncheons typically range from one and a half hours to two hours whereas dinners can take up to four hours. Call the Martine Inn, 800-852-5588, for more details and reservations!

* Note: Our Victorian dinners are for groups of 20 or more and must be scheduled at least one week in advance. We are sorry, but our city permit does not allow us to serve individuals, only groups.


Martine Inn Victorian Dinners Martine Inn Victorian Dinners Martine Inn Victorian Dinners Martine Inn Victorian Dinners Chef Ismael Diaz Vizcaya