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The Courtyard

The Courtyard

The Courtyard is a landscaped area with an Oriental fishpond, immediately outside our hallway. Climbing roses 10 feet high adorn two sides of the courtyard. Hanging pots of flowers and large potted flowers are displayed throughout the area.

You can stroll down the baluster stairway, through the matching beveled glass French panel doors into the protected Courtyard.

With walls and landscaping on all four sides, the space is quite intimate and the wind almost non-existent.

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This area was the original shuffleboard location in the 1890’s and has ornamental trees overhanging two corners.

Chairs and tables can be arranged in any fashion to accommodate the wedding dinner, reception, or dancing. Music is frequently a wonderful addition to the festivities of the area with everything from a string quartet to harpist to disc jockey.

The Game room, which opens into the courtyard, has windows that open onto a marble bar and is frequently used as a food or drink service area.

Heaters can be added for additional comfort. All utilities are available.


The Courtyard