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Martine Inn Wedding Consultant

Martine Inn Wedding Consulting

Anne Ross is a bridal consultant extraordinaire. She has planned weddings for hundreds of couples, creating unique memorable moments.

She has completed courses at the University of San Francisco in Wedding Planning, Events Planning, Food and Beverage, etc.in addition to her concentration in Humanities at Dominican College, her ever-expanding Spanish language acquisition, certifications and licenses in housing management, nursing, and real estate. She has worked for leading food and wine consultants and she has been at the Martine Inn for over 10 years.

She listens and checks the details, creates a plan and sets a timetable. You receive more than you believe possible.

Whether your wedding is just you and your fiancé, or includes 120 guests, you will find her attending to your desires, creative to meet your needs and dedicated in her follow through.

Anne will be helpful for you during the entire wedding. You will not be turned over to anyone else. You will see her checking your musicians, flowers, table setting, cake and food presentation, officiate, etc.

Placing your confidence in Anne means that your wedding will truly be special