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Jan 28, 2014

“Do You Serve Breakfast?”

Do we serve breakfast?  Can you recall when sitting down to a meal was a wonderful experience?  People who cared prepared enticing food from fresh ingredients.  Food was placed on fine china with gold rims and trimmed with edible flowers to create a masterpiece.  One ate with exquisitely polished silver implements and had a warm spoon served for the coffee or tea to help retain the heat.  Even the granola was home-made and the kitchen didn't have a microwave.  The orange juice was not  reconstituted from a frozen can and there were fresh flowers on each table.  Color coordinated table linens including cloth napkins were on the table which was then topped with lace.  Gracious people were there to share the experience and converse with. THAT is what you receive every morning at the Martine Inn -- A multi-course dining experience, served to you by our caring staff, while you sit and watch the waves crash against the rocky coastline, watch the otters dive for their breakfast, watch the dolphins frolic in the deep blue water, look for whales as they breach and spout... We not only serve this  meal, we offer the full experience at no extra charge. Enjoy your stay at the Martine Inn!

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