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The Martine Inn

Dec 21, 2012

Why Antiques at the Martine Inn?

Antiques may be inanimate objects, but they tell some great stories.  For five generations each  piece at the Martine Inn had been very special to somebody.  As the objects were passed from person to person they were cherished, cared for, protected from fire, flood, war, disrepair, and the dump.  One cannot help but feel priveleged just to see and use these precious items.  A candlewick trimmer, for instance, tells us how important candlelight was to prior generations.  If the wick was too long, the candle would burn too fast.  Candles were handmade in the autumn, when the...

Dec 10, 2012

Lonely Planet

In this blog post we would like to step back for a moment and let Lonely Planet magazine do the talking for us: 

“…beautifully old fashioned, the sort of place you go to for a rest-cure.  Billowy curtains, a 70-year-old piano player who doesn’t look a day over 40, and a family of seals right across it.  Like, right across it, babies and all.  What do you say about a place like this?”

The magazine went on to call us “fantastic, old-fashioned and romantic” on a later page, a declaration we are very happy to accept.

But the article also does poetic justice to our surrounding...

Oct 30, 2012


In 1984, the first year of the Martine Inn, when Thanksgiving was upon us, we asked our chef to prepare a feast for all our employees and their families.  We wanted to have a typical, authentic meal, with Turkey, Ham, Duck, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes,Vegetables, Roasted Chestnuts, Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin Pie, Mince Pie...all homemade here at the Martine Inn.  Guests who were staying at the Inn asked if they could join in the celebration.  We whole heartedly welcomed them and over the years, as more guests joined us, our Thanksgiving Dinner focused exclusively on...

Oct 15, 2012

Pacific Grove Boutiques’ Fashion Show & Auction

Coming Soon: Pacific Grove Boutiques’ Fashion Show & Auction

October 27, 2012, will feature an evening of fashion and enjoyment in Pebble Beach, just an 8-minute drive from our Pacific Grove, California hotel.  Since 1999 the boutiques and designers of the Pacific Grove area have showcased their best new items at this event each year.  In addition to a fashion show from 8 local boutiques, other live entertainment including a silent auction, dancing and a dessert reception will also take place.  Look for the collection of over 60 handmade hats from HappiHats USA, which will be...

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