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The Martine Inn

Dec 16, 2011

Climate Change for your Enjoyment, Naturally

Monterey County is one of the most diverse typographical and largest climate change areas in California.  For instance, the Monterey Peninsula has an average yearly rainfall of only 18-20 inches, but Big Sur’s average rainfall is over 50 inches.  The total range of possible daily temperatures on the Monterey Peninsula could be 40-80 degrees, while in the southern Salinas Valley the range of possible daily temperatures goes from 6 degrees to 112 degrees.  This creates vast differences in vegetation and wildlife, all in one beautiful county.

Monterey  County is an ideal place...

Nov 14, 2011

Butterfly Town, USA

The Monterey Peninsula, home of the Martine Inn, is located in a rare climate zone that accommodates many migrations of living animals from whales to butterflies.  Pacific Grove is known a Butterfly Town USA.  Monarch Butterflies return to Pacific Grove every Autumn and the town recognizes their arrival with a parade that has all the elementary school children participating.  The butterflies congregate in a special forested area of Pacific Grove.  They hang in long strings from the branches with their wings folded.  The underside of their wings is grey and black, unlike the...

Oct 24, 2011

Martine Inn Celebrates 27 Years

Thirty-two years ago, a large family compound was purchased.  It was located on the rocky coastline of Monterey Bay in Pacific Grove, California.  At that time, Julia Packard’s father was building a world-class aquarium three blocks away.  Fine chefs were beginning to locate in downtown Pacific Grove.   The family could no longer sustain nor rationalize the projects that were lining up just to keep the roof over their heads in this dilapidated mansion, albeit fine location.  The time for a bright idea to climb out of the money pit was imminent.  The vision for creating a...

Oct 14, 2011

Deer Roaming Territory

You may have been surprised during your visit to Pacific Grove by the sight of Black Tail deer.  They are part of the Mule Deer family.  Why deer in a city like Pacific Grove?  Pacific Grove has more open space park land than any other city per capita in California.  Also, most of that park land is kept as natural pine forest, natural coastline and the wide links of the Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Course.  On the Course and at the town’s cemetery, you will find deer grazing every day of the year.  The deer have developed an integrated path system along the water, down certain...

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