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Edith Head

Edith Head

Rooftop view/Fireplace/1920 King bed 6 piece walnut set/raised claw foot tub/shower

The Edith Head Room is named after the famous clothes designer for the movies who received eight Academy Awards. This is her bedroom suite and portrait that she had commissioned of herself. Edith Head owned this bedroom set and sold it at auction just before moving into the motion picture home and nine months later passing away from cancer. She has won more academy awards than any other person and was nominated for 35 Oscars.

You will discover; 1920s 8 piece American Walnut, Widdicomb,1920 bedroom suite;  King bed, scalloped carved crown, applied carvings, applied veneer; 1920 desk, 3 drawer, 2 boxes, custom brass handles, walnut backsplash, glass top, 4 legs; 1920 dresser, glass top, 4 legs, custom brass handles, 5 drawers, applied carvings, applied burled veneer, 2 glove boxes, scalloped mirror; 1920 make up vanity, serpentine front, drop center, 8 legs, custom brass handles, applied carvings, applied burled veneer, 9 drawers, tilting scalloped mirror; bench, 4 legs; 1920 nightstand, 4 drawer, 4 legs, glass top, applied carvings, applied veneer, custom brass handles; chair, scalloped back; all with rare hoof style legs; 1930 Oil portrait of Edith Head, gilt frame; 1900 Pair cut ruby glass vases; 1900 Marble English dry sink; 1900 Ruby glass epern; 1800s Coal bin, English, tilt bin front, walnut backsplash; 1860 Cast hand iron, wooden handle; white tile front fireplace, double mantle, 2 columns, rectangular beveled mirror, applied carvings.

Other interesting pieces include: 1900 walnut spat backed rocker; 1920 upholstered chair; 1920 silk hand tied middle eastern area rug; 1915 bridge floor lamp, stamped brass pole, lace fringed shade; 1910 bridge floor lamp, twisted brass pole, glass shade; 1910 Gilded ruby glass table lamp, frosted shade; 1800 Large silver vase, (Middletown Silver Company, #307); 1920s pair Bisque hangings.

As you step into the bathroom, you will find a 5 ½ foot claw foot tub with shower including rare cast iron base; and a 1950’s European China pedestal sink, toile pattern.

Your stay at the Martine Inn in the Edith Head room will create a feeling of high style that will not be soon forgotten.